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Glass coating for professionals

Glass coating is also a collective term for the various methods and types of coating. Machines handle coating in the industrial sector.

The machine can thereby be adjusted to the respective glass and its future use, because these two factors are decisive on the type of coating. Here a few examples: Let's take a look at

nano coating: It is primarily applied to glass surfaces exposed to the daily weather and difficult to reach for cleaning. Glass façades are a good example. Nano-coated glass is also referred to a self-cleaning glass.

Anti-glare coating: The purpose of this form of coating is to prevent glare from the effects of light. This may be advantageous in traffic, for example.

One fact is important with all types of coating: It must be applied uniformly and consistently to the glass to allow it to display its full effect. The coating must not become detached on its own and that means: Coating actually becomes a bond with the glass itself.

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