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Laser technology: More than half a century old.

Whatever Hollywood comes up with or the crazy futuristic ideas it produces on the screen becomes reality one day, say many science fiction fans... and they may be right in various areas.

Well, we will not begin to travel tomorrow with the spaceship Enterprise from galaxy to galaxy but: We do have laser technology. At one time, for example, it actually appeared as dangerous ray weapon in the cinemas or living rooms.

We are not sure weather Hollywood has pirated this idea from the scientists or vice versa. However, everyday life without laser technology is no longer conceivable.

The well-equipped dentist cleans dental root canals with a laser. The beauty apostle uses laser technology to create a more beautiful and younger skin.

Soon "old" is no longer a visible state but only a fact on paper. Even hair can be transplanted using laser technology. Will complete body parts be created from scratch some day per laser?

In the industrial realm, laser technology has been integrated in the production processes for quite some time as an effective and economically very interesting miracle tool. The technology is at the same time even highly precise and multifunctional. Laser technology is meanwhile used even in the communication field.

webdesign by elf42
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